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Swing Fluid, Fitness for Golfers 

My Family:

Hello! My name is Tyler Van Acker.


I’m the creator of Swing Fluid Fitness.

From the time I could walk, I've been involved in Sports.

I grew up a casual golfer but now Golf is my obsession.


To pursue my interest in human movement, I earned a degree in Kinesiology followed by a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. 

I began working as a Physical Therapist in 2019, but quickly started questioning our medical system.

The healthcare system is for injuries, Swing Fluid Fitness is for performance.

Once I realized fitness training also prevents injuries, I knew I needed to find a way to do things my way.

In 2020, I became certified by the Titleist Performance Institute to learn golf fitness from the best in the industry.

Golf was one of the last sports to start training in the gym, but now we know


Golfers are Athletes!

Golf Fitness is developing power in the gym to increase swing speed on the course.

All of my products are designed to help you become a more athletic golfer.

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