Back Pain

Mid/Low Back

Movement is the only thing that our muscles and joints need to function. Movement provides our joints regenerative nutrients while also sending signals to our brain to optimize for the input provided. Our lack of spinal movement in modern society is the main contributor to the generalized lower back stiffness and resulting disc and nerve dysfunction. Most of us sit for many hours a day resulting in limited joint movement and increased biomechanical stress on the lower back. Improving your posture isn’t about maintaining an upright position. Remember we need movement, so achieving dynamic stability will reduce the stress on your joints and decrease your pain. Sleep is also important so you have endurance to maintain activation of the stabilizing muscles of the trunk. This cycle will continue to snowball if you can’t sleep because of the pain leading to fatigue and spinal stiffness. Improving your spinal mobility and dynamic stability will be the key to optimizing spinal movement in all capacities.

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