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Am I being selfish?

What you view as “I” is just a combination of your past experiences, your conditioning and your programming. Personality is not our true self but acquired strategically based on feedback from our environment. This can allow you to have empathy towards others and yourself allowing dis-identification. Once you stop identifying with what is imagined that you are or they are, it becomes easy to love everyone. We have been trained that your care for others should be above your own happiness, nothing should be above your own happiness. It’s not selfish for you to live your life as you see fit. It is selfish, however, to demand others live their life as you see fit. To demand others act in a way that satisfies your tastes, pride, profits and pleasure. Once you have awareness you will behave in a way that benefits you and those around you. Acts of evil are the result of fear. Everything you do is in your own self-interest whether you realize it or not. And once you can see through yourself, you can see through others and then you will love them.

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