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Don't let your mind hold you back

Self-esteem is the reputation you have with yourself. If you do not always act morally and tell the truth your self-esteem will suffer. Confident people are open, reflective, and able to see their whole self, removing unnecessary conflict, uncertainty, and resentment. You will never see a high achiever attacking others or questioning their own actions. Confidence allows you to be comfortable with setting your own standards and you no longer have to live up to the standards of society. Observe negative definitive statements with your self-talk, they are almost always not true. We are trying to build a mental vault that no distraction or false impression can breach.

Wisdom is knowing how your actions will shape your future and the further into the future you are willing to look, the wiser you will be. Seek wisdom through reading, self-reflection, and teachers. We have unlimited learning tools with us at all times so find what interests you and start reading. Learn what is known and then let your mind wander to discover the unknown. Allowing your thoughts to wander with different kinds of unstructured free play unlocking creativity. Seek “flow states” where you lose the burden of the self and time no longer exists with curiosity being at the heart of flow states. Engage in activities where success, recognition, and approval do not mean a thing to you. Keep your brain active in positive ways through connection, problem solving, recall, and reaction. Find work that you enjoy by pursuing your talents, curiosity, and passion. Let go-get lost in the process instead of thinking about the end goal. I think setting goals can often take away from the moment and force us into a narrow mindset. If you put all your efforts to achieving a goal you will often neglect smaller goals and miss opportunities for creativity. Know where you want to take your life but don’t let a goal that you thought you wanted to achieve a few months ago define all your choices.

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