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Healthy Behavior Choices

Reward based learning dictates much of our behavior without our awareness. We build habits to seek a previous behavior that provided a dopamine response without examination of what or why. Practice observing sensations prior to, during, and after a habit you want to get rid of. Where do you feel it? What are you feeling? How did you feel once the stimulus is removed? Daily reflection fosters a mind to make decisions based on your actual desires/values. Allowing your moment to moment cravings dictate your behavior makes it near impossible to overcome cravings.

Our only chance is to decide ahead of time or watch our last-minute behavior choices lean towards short-term rewards. Our success as humans is based on big picture understanding and planning accordingly. Not only are humans unique in our long-term considerations, but we are the only species that has to manage overwhelming behavior options. Most of our self-talk is based on seeing our behaviors as an act of will power. Instead focus on shaping your mental and physical environment to foster healthy behavior choices.

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