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How much of the truth can you take?

Most people just want relief, they don’t want to be cured because a cure is painful. People are scared to see what has been holding them back. People don’t want to confront the reasons of why they are acting in fear. People don’t want to experience the discomfort to develop daily physical activity habits. How much of the truth can you take without running away? The truth is if you don’t take time for your wellness you’ll be forced to take time for your illness later. Our physical and mental health is a state of being well, meaning it requires one’s directed attention every day. It is human nature to seek comfort and reward and to avoid pain and suffering. There is no comfort without discomfort. If you spend all day watching TV and eating (comfort) you will very quickly become uncomfortable. But if you just spent a few hours exercising or working hard on a project, after the work is done you are able to relax and your mind is at ease. Surviving in our modern society has become too easy and we must find our own struggle to keep our minds at peace and our bodies in shape. Always be truthful with others and with yourself or you will lose your ability to see the truth. Most people have lost their connection with personal truths and are controlled by their emotions influenced by society. We keep getting further from the truth because we only have eyes for the objects for our attachments and block everything else out.

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