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How should I spend my time?

Life’s journey only becomes worth it if we discover our true self. We must determine our deep desires or we will go through life feeling empty and without meaning. Improving the lives of others is the only sustainable mission of our existence, everything else becomes meaningless. “If you look at the long-term, 30-year consequence of the big decisions, like what I do, who I spend my time with, and where I am, then all the little details after that barely matter” (Naval Ravikant). Your time is valuable, if you don’t figure out how you want to spend it, society will do it for you. A routine can free up our mind for these important choices in life. Walking can also accomplish many of these same daily issues allowing us to clear the head and confront difficult ideas. We need to establish routines in our life allowing us to better live our lives in a way that aligns with what is most important to us rather than having to answer that question with each decision. A routine allows you to turn the ordinary into the sacred. Connect and practice appreciation of the world every chance you get, this will shine light on how small your individual problems are. Shower yourself with nature, watch the sunrise and sunset, look at the stars, observe natures constant flowing. Talk more about our fears and health with those we are close to. Many of our thoughts and actions are directed through subconscious action so talking about them allows us to confront our hidden motives.

Learn to want nothing to be different, but rather do things that will get you where you want to go. "Effective people are proactive and take personal responsibility for the events in their lives. They form a vision of how they want their life to be, and work toward achieving that vision. They identify problems in their lives, and work toward solutions to those problems." The way you approach anything in your life is the way that you will approach everything. Develop an action bias for things you enjoy and things that make you better. Everything in your life is a skill. Practice gratitude, love and joy. Be clear on what your motivations are or else you will be ineffective because your efforts are not focused. We all need to improve our ability to say that I was wrong and challenge our belief system. Ask yourself why you want certain things to reveal secondary goals. You will find purpose in change.

The best position for your body is your next one, the best workout is the one you’re not doing.

3 approaches to encourage change: Train the person so they know how to do something, redesign the environment (add resources and reminders), Scale behavior change down for success.

We all need to improve your ability to say that I was wrong and challenge your belief system. (BJ Fogg)

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