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Human Beings

Humans are unique in that we can deeply understand one part of our environment while still being blind and blatantly wrong about another. Consciousness allows us change our behavior if we choose. Or more likely we change as the society is influenced by the environment and all of the minds that participate. Human behaviors that differ from other animal species are due to cultural norms. These norms need to be questioned and then enforced through the self. Coalition enforcement is when we follow norms to conform with our social environment through gossip and reputation. Move towards a good reputation with the self and equality for all. We are by far the most ethical species and we continue to move from living based off of our instincts to a more accepting and global way of living. Examples include acceptance of homosexuals, abolishment of slavery, healthcare and sharing of resources to promote the good of everyone around you. Our minds habitually distort or ignore critical information in ways that seem, on the face of it, counterproductive. We’ve all had experiences when we look back and can’t comprehend why we held certain beliefs. The key is to identify your blind spots and hack our brains to taking more positive outlooks. Practice Gratitude. “Imagine yourself dead every day and you will never feel more alive.”

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