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Mediation is “self therapy”, listening to yourself instead of paying someone else to. The ability to just sit and be happy provides you with unlimited value in your life. Observe what is going on in reality, it’s continuously flowing, lose your concepts when you observe. “Once a child learns the word “bird”, he will never see a bird again.” Use this spiritual exercise to lose your concepts and words in which you define reality. We need to drop our past experiences to fully experience something. We experience the world through filters that are programmed into us and need to become aware to experience things as they are. With meditation there is no right or wrong, it can never go well or go bad, it can just go. If you desire to change what is into what should be, you no longer understand. Accept whatever happens for what it is and ask yourself why am I having these thoughts. Thoughts, mood, behavior, physiology, and environment all influence our experience and with meditation we begin to notice this. It is our subconscious that controls most of our lives, and with meditation we can increase what we are conscious of. Therefore, meditation increases the control, or at least awareness, of how we are living our lives. The closer we get to understanding, the closer we get to peace. Our outer worlds always fade and all we are left with is our inner world, so take the time to focus on your mind.

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