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Paleolithic DNA

Over the past two hundred thousand years our DNA has been developing to survive in small groups. You’ve been made by nature for the purpose of working with others. We evolved with emotional and physical signals that tell us if something is jeopardizing our survival, but we now try to cover up these signals with modern medicine and constant mental distraction. One of modern society's biggest issues is our loss of connection to the brain and body. Most of our experience is no longer spent in silence and reflection.

“The real problem of humanity … we have Paleolithic emotions; medieval institutions; and godlike technology.” (E.O. Wilson) Only for the last 1% of our existence have we been exposed to technology, abundance, and globalism. We need to recognize why we developed certain pathways in our brains so we can make choices to keep our bodies healthy and our minds at peace. Our bodies were designed to eat more and rest any chance we got. Our DNA is optimized for a variety of physical tasks including hunting, food preparation, walking, and running for long distances. (with no shoes and on uneven surfaces)

Our ancestors most benefited from conforming to their intimate group’s culture and ideas. There was never any incentive for us to seek truth outside of our group’s beliefs. But with the shared knowledge of today we need to recognize that everything that is not a law of nature is just a shared belief. Learn the basics of any subject, the known facts, and then be creative to solve the world’s problems. Our DNA thrives on struggle, problem solving, and overcoming challenges.

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