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The Mind and Movement

Move because you want to not because you have to. This may sound far off for you at this time but learn to exercise for the experience of it not for an external goal. See the physical accomplishments of your body in a positive light. Making this shift changes the way your body responds and recovers to activity/ exercise. For example, you are much more likely to injure yourself shoveling snow or moving boxes than doing the same movements during a workout you choose to do. The best athletes in the world perform at the highest level “effortlessly” while most of us struggle with the physical demands of everyday life. Fitness changes your relationship with pain and discomfort. “The lazy man works twice as hard.”

We frequently mistake comfort for well-being. Millions of dollars are spent every day to enhance our comfort and lower the amount of energy we spend. I’m not recommending for us to get rid of our chairs, cars, comfortable beds, and air-conditioned homes. But I do think we should stand, walk, and expose ourselves to extreme temperatures more often. Standing desks, sitting on the floor, walking phone calls, sauna, cryotherapy, and cold showers will change the way you interpret your day to day experience.

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