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“Voluntarily accept the burden of being instead of preparing for catastrophe.”

Understand there will be inevitable moments of misery on the path to getting what you want. Welcome discomfort or your body will have a stress response when burden is placed on you involuntarily. You are never more self-centered with suffering, pain, and misery. When you have joint pain you’ve never been so aware of that joint. Notice how when you’re in pain, your only desire is to cover up or get rid of the pain. Becoming more disconnected with our bodies has contributed to seeing symptoms as the problem. We now define physical and mental health problems as genetic and chemical problems.

Use any discomfort as a chance to recognize the attachment to “I” and your desires. Find comfort in being uncomfortable; Or suffer while you attempt to solve the endless arising problems in your life. While peace and happiness do the opposite, they release you from the self and your desires. And when your mind is at peace, you are able to think clearly. The same applies to your movement with awareness of your body; as you quietly observe your movements they become effortless and free flowing. As awareness grows you will react less and act more. You will be in pain less and move more.

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