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What does it mean to be aware

“I can only point towards what awareness is and tell you what it is not.” We think we know so much, so we do not take the time to discover. We think we know and understand ourselves and the world we live in so we do not discover. “All efforts of the human mind cannot exhaust the essence of a single fly”. We need to drop our past experiences to fully experience something because now you see everything through your conditioning and your programming. In pursuit of awareness, don’t make demands of yourself, there is no need for judgement or commentary. Observe yourself as a scientist would observe an experiment, with an open mind for any outcome. If you have a thought it does not mean that it’s “true”, you must evaluate. Realize that those who were paranoid and fearful in previous generations were rewarded with survival but we are now able to tone down these signals in our safer modern society. When you notice your mood getting worse, write down the thoughts you are having and then come back to them later to evaluate their validity.

You need to learn the truth about yourself because most of what we think and feel, we conjure up for ourselves in our heads. “Every time you are unhappy, you have added something to reality.” Almost all of our worry and anxiety comes from what has already happened and what will happen. When you become aware you can still be anxious and depressed but the feelings will not last. You will not be troubled by these feelings because you have no attachment and you have peace from your mind. Relentless pursuit of your feelings only traps you into misery and will make you a slave to them. We need to realize that “enough” only comes from inside. So, stop identifying your emotions and get in touch with negative feelings, the feeling is in you not reality.

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