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What does your body want?

“Fulfill your biological imperatives. Beyond that, seek truth”

Health, good relationships and a peaceful mind will be the most important.

More peace, freedom, quiet time, family, kindness, sleep, proper breathing, lifting, resting, investing, fasting, journaling, reading, self-awareness, and adventure.

Making yourself happy makes others happy and healthy.

How much more important is your health than your net worth or than your social status? (10x, 100x, 1,000x?)

Fear is a signal not a state. We will create feelings out of fear. Our bodies evolved to send ourselves a signal if there is something going wrong so we can change our behavior. We feel a vague sense of uneasiness when we try to process negative information and then push it deep inside of our mind. If you’re missing something in your life your body will send you mild to severe signals. Cues to observe include heart rate, muscle tension, digestive discomfort, joint pain, sleeping patterns, energy level, breathing rate, loss of interest, depressing thoughts and anxiety. Everyday work to re-connect the mind and body with simple awareness. Notice the ways you are covering up pain signals. Chronic joint pain results in loss of muscle connection and control of the joint leading to a compounding decline in function. There’s been too short a time period for our brains and bodies to re optimize to modern society.

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