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What is your purpose?

What is your purpose? To optimize movement, the health and lives of those around me allowing them to fulfill their purpose.

Before the last 100 years or so, it was obvious that you had to survive and to get along with your community. Now we are overwhelmed with options for who and what to spend our time on. A lot of the time we wish to do what other people do or what society wants us to do. Meaning can be found in suffering, in creation and in love. To fulfill meaning all you need to do is identify what in your life would be meaningful and then act it out in reality. If there were a single meaning to life we would be trapped. What is today’s meaning for me? Confront the tension between the meaning in your life and fulfilling that meaning. Life’s questions are always changing so always be questioning. Be ready to fulfill your new purpose 100%. Ryan Shazier, Elon Musk, Kevin Hart, Joe Rogan and other successful people have demonstrated the ability to quickly re-define and excel with a new purpose. For help finding meaning observe those who always have a strong purpose as well as those who struggle to find meaning in their life. Find out what your life is asking you to do and then take responsibility in answering life’s questions. Our futures hold our possibilities and the past holds our realities. Cherish your past realities. We do not simply exist but decide what our existence will be and what we will become. With freedom comes responsibility, be responsible for your existence. Love yourself, be accepting when you make mistakes and understand what went wrong. Self-hate will not help you get what you want and worsen your experience of life. Remind yourself everyday why you do what you do to be sure you are fully present instead of going through the motions of life. We need to find work that we have a positive regard for and has meaning to us or our soul will suffer. Put pictures and words of things that are meaningful to you in a place that you will see every day to remind yourself what is important to you and then focus on the process. Look back as your future self and ask what would be the most meaningful way to live my life. Live life as if you are living for the 2nd time and can fix the mistakes from the first time, allowing you to better confront life’s finiteness and finality.

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