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What really matters for maintaining my health?

“The mind controls the life's energy, and the body follows the energy”. Consciousnesses is the only way we interact with the world and therefore should be our highest priority. The root cause of almost all disease is psychological stress, but it is rarely addressed in medicine and in our community. We need to stop treating the symptoms and treat the underlying dysfunction. Any symptoms you experience tell you what’s wrong both physically and psychologically; therefore, you need to look for what is the root cause instead of covering up or numbing the symptoms. Specialists need to be a last resort because a specialist is going to perform what they have been trained instead of identifying root causes for the dysfunction or other treatments options. A functional medicine model will reduce health care cost, as well as increase the quality and length of life. Do things that reduce all disease: family and friend connection, being active, having a purpose, and a mind that is at peace. When one of these things is missing it has a dramatic effect on our daily experience. Inactivity from injury compounds on our physical limitations leading to both direct and indirect negative consequences for our bodies daily function. With the help of everyone around us, we each need to take control of our physical and mental well-being. Our health is not just a small piece, it influences every second of our lives and our experience of it. Find out what is important to you and most likely you will realize we need to move our health higher on your priority list.

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