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What type of exercise is best for me to do?

The only thing our joints require to maintain function is movement. If one joint lacks motion you’re asking the next joint to move more than it should. Our joints become stiff because of the unnatural or lack of movement modern civilization has created. We need strength, flexibility and stability at every joint. These three components will allow our movements to be controlled with muscles instead of other less adaptable structures leading to pain and injury. Strength, flexibility and stability also allow us to maintain symmetry and alignment for optimal function and limiting pain. For the most effective exercise, it is best to continue to vary position and the muscles time under tension (sets, reps, and load). Strengthening is accomplished by fatiguing muscle fibers with either heavy weight or speed. The mentality of going to the gym should be learning new skills to improve your physical fitness. This mindset will allow you to better target muscles, reduce injury, and improve mind-body connection. But still the best way to answer the question of “What type of exercise is best for me to do?” is to do the exercise that you enjoy doing. Run, walk, stretch, play sports, hike, dance, and connect with others. Design a fitness program based on how you want to live your life.

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