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Why is my physical fitness so important?

Think about what things in life are important to you to help yourself the answer the question of why you need to maintain your physical fitness. Think about what you want to be able to do in 10, 20, 50 years from now. (Lifting kids, maintaining an active lifestyle, caring for yourself in others in emergency situations). The benefits of exercise on longevity, mental health and chronic disease are almost hard to believe when compared to our other attempts to address our quality of life. When you load the body, everything else in your life becomes easier because you become comfortable with being uncomfortable. This will make important changes in your brain when you overcome what you thought you were incapable of. With most physical limitations, it is the mind that limits us. Most people’s biggest obstacles to health and fitness are their thought patterns. Developing an identity as a person who makes healthy choices will be much more reliable than will power. If you don't eat well, get enough sleep, or exercise it will make the other two components exponentially more difficult to get right. On a daily basis I see how physical injuries lead to a host of other negative side effects due to inactivity. This creates a feedback loop causing difficulty with your focus, sleep, food choices, and stress. When someone goes on bed rest due to illness, all body systems rapidly decline. Human survival is dependent on movement.

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