Shoulder Pain


Almost all shoulder injuries are due to stress on the structures on the front of the shoulder. Our shoulders are designed to have a lot of mobility to the front of our body but comes at the cost of instability. The muscles on the back of the shoulder and scapula need to be able to stabilize the shoulder to prevent the structures in the front from being over-stressed biomechanically. Cell phones and desk jobs have also not done any favors for our shoulders and have led to major postural complications. Lack of sleep and fatigue is also going play a big role in if these muscles have the energy to keep your shoulders back as you move your arms throughout the day. This often begins a cycle of pain, flexibility, and strength deficits compounding to further the decline of the shoulders. Maintaining the function of your stabilizing muscles is key for using the arm overhead. Weakness in these muscles will result in compensations from our neck muscles causing pain and overuse in the upper trap muscles. The shoulders are our most mobile joint in the body, to keep it that way we need muscular strength, stability, and endurance.

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